Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Do NOT choose me!

  • Becouse If I will lose 2g - I will bet all my money go get them back. 
  • Becouse what If after that summit I will get bigger than Shoemoney?!
  • Becouse I will befrend anyone there, and annoy anyone with stupid questions. 
  • Becouse I am actually like the "Hangover" movie.. tho the hotels don't. 
  • Becouse I've heard about Affiliate Marketing only 2 words. Affiliate Marketing. 
  • Becouse after the summing I would have to move to La Jolla. 
  • Becouse I'm quit drinking...
  • Becouse Even Participation In the Contest make me Thrilled Enough. 
  • Becouse I will come up with bunch of new Ideas, and then I will have to make em all real!
  • Becouse Every my move then would be copied by others.
  • Becouse I might become the best sales person on the web, and brag about it everywhere. 
  • Becouse I might change my life on 180 degrees after that.
  • Becouse I might start selling copies of "How to survive and party all night in Las Vegas in ASWC".
  • Becouse I'm sweat already, typing all of that. 
  • Becouse if I win, it would be the sickest gift on my Birthday, and might die from Happiness before the Summit. 
  • Becouse I'm afraid that some if it happend - 

DON'T even think bout it!